Help Our Lutheran Camps

Like many other Lutheran congregations, we share the disappointment that ministries such as Lutheridge and Lutherock (of NovusWay Ministries) and the South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers (SCLRC) have not been open to guests for months due to the COVID -19 pandemic. Many of our youth, leaders, and staff were looking forward to camp weeks this year, but those programs needed to be cancelled for safety reasons. To ensure that camp ministries will continue in the future, NovusWay and SCLRC have separately launched appeals for help.

The emotional and financial loss of an entire summer camp is profound and presents a new reality for these ministries. This year campers and guests will not have access to the life-changing relationships formed at camp. From a financial perspective, there was a sudden stop to the strong revenue that the camps would normally receiving from ministry programming as well as rental income.

Let’s help Novusway Ministries and SCLRC build strong and healthy programs for 2021. Find out more about Novusway’s appeal by visiting To support the South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers, please visit  Donations may also be made via our church, with checks made payable to All Saints Lutheran Church; please clearly mark in the memo line whether it is for NovusWay or for SCLRC.

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