Masks needed

Masks for Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic - MakerMask

Last year, Christ Community Lutheran in North Charleston received a grant from the Synod to create a school supply request program for our local elementary school.  This week, we got their request for the Spring semester and learned that they are in desperate need of colorful, cloth child-sized facemasks.  Evidently, the school issued a white mask to each student at the beginning of the year, but they have not stood the test of time.  The school has close to 700 students, and while they don’t all need masks, the closer they can come to that number, the more they’ll have on hand when the need arises. Receiving donated, colorful, cloth masks that are children’s size (ages range between 5 and 12) masks will help them focus the grant monies to the needed teacher’s supplies instead. We will have a collection box set out at drive-in worship for the donated children’s masks on Sundays, January 24, 31 and February 7. Those who would like to purchase or sew masks can signup at this link: There is not a specific pattern or design requirement (as long as they fit the face of an elementary age student, they will work fine).  If you’d like to see a tutorial on a design and a pattern: these may be helpful.

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