July 2021 Update on All Saints Community Garden

Produce — Warm-weather crops have arrived in the Community Garden. As of mid-July, our 2021 produce deliveries to ECCO include 15 pounds of lettuce, 6 pounds of turnip greens, 27 pounds of green beans, 10 pounds of okra, 15 pounds of bell peppers and 2 pounds of cherry tomatoes (from our experimental container tomato plant). Okra and bell pepper are producing well. Fall plantings of green beans and turnip greens will begin in September. If you drop by the Garden, you can enjoy crop markers made by our Youth.

Education – Three guided tours of the Community Garden have been held, one each for All Saints middle school and high school Youth and their parents, and one for out-of-town visitors connected with community gardens. Besides the three tour leaders, there were 36 participants in all. Members of the Community Garden Team have compiled an educational booklet about the Garden which was distributed to tour participants. If you would like a copy emailed to you, just call or email Lisa in the church office.

Community – All Saints volunteers so far in 2021 have contributed over 60 hours of planting, maintenance, composting and harvesting time. If you would like to join an activity of the Team, please let Lisa in the church office know and she will relay your interest.

Thank you for your support of the All Saints Community Garden!


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