Nursery Caregivers Needed

As we return to in-person worship inside the Sanctuary, we look forward to resuming our Nursery care offering as well. Nursery care is available during Sunday school for infants through age 2. Children 3K and older are encouraged to participate in our SPARK Sunday school. Infants and children up to kindergarten age may stay in the nursery with the nursery caregivers during worship services.

We plan on contracting with an outside caregiver company again, but would like to offer opportunities for our members to take turns providing care as well. Specifically, we would like members to help on Charleston County School District long weekends, when we would otherwise be charged for “peak hours,” even though often we have less children on those days as some of our families are traveling.

We will need at least one adult and then a second adult or youth (6th-12th grader) each of these Sundays. Caregivers will be paid for their time ($15/hour). Please take a look at the dates available on the signup at church or link here and choose a date you can take a turn helping with this ministry.

Thank you in advance for your support as we all do our part in our church family’s Christian Formation and help in the promises we make at Baptism!

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