All Saints strives to be a fully accessible community and facility. We have taken measures to best ensure a fulfilling experience for all visitors, but we know that improvements in our accessibility still can be made. If you have recommendations for us, please contact the church office or pastors, and know that your recommendations will be taken seriously.

Here are some examples of accessibility at All Saints.

  • All participants in worship are asked to refrain from wearing strong fragrances. We strive to not use strong scents in our facility. No strobe lighting is used in our community, and our organ is not played in a way that would startle a worshiper.
  • The main building is all one level. The only steps are to a storage space in the attic. Our restrooms have wheelchair accessible stalls and during our upcoming renovation we will be installing more comfort height (i.e. high) toilets.
  • We will integrate more space in our sanctuary during our upcoming renovations for wheelchair seating. We are also looking into options for a wheelchair accessible lectern, so that our lectern no longer limits who can read God’s word on behalf of the assembly. The chancel (i.e. the area immediately around the altar) is one step up from the floor level. A wheelchair user can approach the chancel like any other person, but currently there is not a method to have that person serve on the chancel’s level as the Assisting Minister. We are looking into options for how the chancel can be fully accessible; in the meantime we will make accommodations to our communion practices if a wheelchair user would like to serve as the Assisting Minister.
  • There are large-print bulletins available every week. The pastors also print their sermons for those who like to read the sermon, and an usher can provide that for you. Copies of the sermon are mailed to members who are home-centered.
  • All Saints has a Hearing Loop system. Currently this involves the user wearing a neckloop, but in our upcoming renovations we plan to incorporate the system into our floor, which will make the neckloop unnecessary.
  • We make accommodations for the learning needs of children and adults when we are told how to best do this.
  • We understand that some disabilities can be visible to others, and some disabilities are not. Our pastors are willing to listen to you and learn about any disabilities you have, in the hope that All Saints’ can offer an authentic welcome to you.

Please know that our pastors intend to always preach and teach in ways that are respectful to all people. They will never bear a message that says anyone is a lesser person nor will they say that a disability needs to be fixed or repaired. The pastors expect others at All Saints to show this same respect to all people, because each of us is loved by God and bears God’s image.