Dear Saints

All Saints

“They are like trees planted by streams of water, bearing fruit in due season, with leaves that do not wither.” -Psalm 1:3

Dear Saints, These days, it is easy to feel dried up. Some might feel like a withered or fruitless tree. Energy and hope may be hard to come by, much less inspiration, creativity or motivation. We are in what feels like a drought, where growth and vitality are scarce.

Psalm 1 says that those who walk in the ways of the Lord are “like trees planted by streams of water.” Their fruit is plentiful and their leaves are verdant. That image – trees drinking from the rich, moist soil by a babbling brook – is like a balm for the soul. We should remember, however, that these types of oases were rare in the Holy Land. The climate of the Psalmist’s homeland was, for the most part, arid.

So this image is one of hope. It suggests that a rich and fruitful life is possible – even if when all one sees as they look around is dry, rocky soil. That rich and fruitful life, the life of growth and spiritual refreshment, can be found in God, no matter what kind of desert we may find ourselves in. No matter what the world around us tells us about the possibility of hope, it is present in life with God. No matter how bleak a picture the world paints for us, the picture of life deeply rooted in God’s Word is always at hand.

This season, as the days grow shorter and the prospect of hope grows dimmer, remember that your roots run deep in Christ. Through him, you are always connected to God’s eternal spring of life. Through your baptism, living water courses through you. No matter how arid your surroundings, you will flourish where you have been planted.

+ Pastor Kris and Pastor Ginger +

October 25th Worship Info HERE

Join us for “Drive-in Worship” this Sunday, October 25th at 8:30 am & 11:00 am

  • Download your October 25th Worship Bulletin to print or view the bulletin on your mobile device.
  • If you are feeling ill, please stay home.
  • We ask you not to get out of your vehicle if possible.  An entrance will be open for restrooms if needed.
  • The outdoor service is broadcast through a radio transmitter on 89.7 FM.

For those staying home, a video worship service will be available by 11:00am on the All Saints Mt. Pleasant YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel for worship services as well as daily devotions.

November Sunday School bags ready to pick up!

We are so excited to see so many families virtually Sunday mornings! We miss everyone and look forward to a great, albeit different, year “together.” As we are not yet having in-person gatherings in the church and cannot safely provide social distancing in our Sunday school spaces, we will continue to have all Sunday school virtually this fall.

SPARK, Affirmation and High school Sunday school will be offered each Sunday morning, except 11/1, 12/27, 1/24 & 4/4. For the rest of the school year, we will continue 9:45 start, in between the 8:30 and 11 worship services. Most SPARK Sunday school will be around 30 minutes (30-45 minutes for our Older Elementary students) and Affirmation & High school will be 45-60 minutes. 

A family supply bag has been prepared for each family with anything special they may need for Sunday school through November. All families may pick up their respective family bag Sunday when they come for drive-in worship or anytime throughout the week. The bags are on a table inside the Parish Life Center (PLC) for families to pick-up. Please wear a mask and keep your distance from others, ideally only one person in the PLC at a time. There will also be a basket inside the PLC with boxes of Sunday school family offering envelopes. Each family who needs a new box can take one and place offerings in the Offering box that is set out at drive-in worship. Those Sunday school offerings will be used in support of the monthly Service Focus. This is a good opportunity to have children & youth practice generosity (divide allowance into Savings, Giving and Fun). You may return your previous month’s Family Supply Bag to the box labeled with the new bags for reuse next month.

If you do not receive the virtual link email to join SPARK, Affirmation or High school Sunday school, please email Tricia at finkfamily1999@gmail-com. We look forward to seeing everyone Sunday 😇