Dear Saints

I see the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” – Psalm 16:8

Dear Saints, The decision of the Supreme Court last week has sparked intense debate on the topics of abortion, life, women’s health and biblical interpretation. It has likely inspired you to engage in conversations or thoughts about your own views on the issue. Perhaps your views have remained the same over time, or perhaps they have evolved during these debates.

What does the Lutheran Church teach about abortion? A social statement on the topic was released by the ELCA in 1991 (read the full statement here: Although one social statement cannot encompass the individual beliefs of every member (or even leader) of a denomination, here is a summary of is included in the statement:

  1. We recognize that faithful believers come to different conclusions on this complicated topic.
  2. Weighing the good of a developing life and with life of the pregnant person cannot be boiled down to simple rhetoric.
  3. Human life is created by God.
  4. Human life is entangled in sin, including the sins of neglect, abuse, violence and injustice.
  5. God deals with sin through the gift of Grace in Jesus Christ, who modeled love for the most vulnerable, including both children and women.
  6. The church teaches that abortion ought to be an option only of last resort.
  7. The church is called to support pregnant people, people who have had abortions, people who have chosen adoption and people raising children.
  8. The church is called to work for just systems that support life.
  9. Abortion is morally responsible in cases where a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.
  10. A person should not be obligated to carry a pregnancy as a result of domestic abuse, rape or incest.
  11. Abortion in cases of extreme fetal abnormality should be the choice of the parents and their medical provider.
  12. Abortion should not be considered past the point when the baby’s life is medically viable (with the support of reasonable technology).
  13. We engage this debate in a way that keeps us focused on love of God and neighbor, relying always on the grace of God.
  14. Although laws cannot enforce Christian love, the church should advocate for just laws and work to change those which are unjust.
  15. Sex education and contraception are key to reducing the need for abortion.
  16. The church must protect children from abuse or neglect through caring action as well as advocacy.
  17. The church opposes both a total lack of regulation of abortion as well as a total ban on abortion.

Thank you for taking the time to read and prayerfully consider this issue in the context of our faith in God and love for one another. We respect that there are a wide range of opinions on this topic. If you have questions about the ELCA’s teachings or disagreements with the above statements, the pastors will be happy to talk with you. The question of abortion is not a simple one, but we do believe that it is possible to continue to be faithful even without knowing all the answers. We trust in God, we rely on God’s grace, and we pray for God’s guidance.

+ Pastor Kris and Pastor Ginger +

Renovation Project Update

The Renew, Rebuild , Rejoice renovation project has progressed well over the last two weeks.

Repairs to the exterior wood framing where rot and termite damage were found when the stucco was removed are nearing completion. Brickwork has continued in areas unaffected by these issues. Pending a successful inspection by the Town of Mt Pleasant this week or early next week , we expect to complete the exterior repairs by early July.

Interior work has focused on completing the necessary work to have an in wall inspection of the modifications in various areas by the Town next week. Once this is completed sheetrock work will get underway in those areas of the Narthex, pastor’s office and education wing . Installation of new bathroom fixtures will begin as well. Sanctuary work around sacristy modifications  and wiring continues. 

In the PLC refinishing and modifications of the pews are complete. The new high school classroom is taking shape. The new floor has been installed in the choir room with removal of the old floor in the main area of the PLC now beginning. 

We completed the acquisition of much of our needed furniture from the old Blackbaud office building on Daniel Island on May 25. All of this furniture was donated by the building owners which saved us many thousands of dollars. It is now stored in the choir room pending completion of the project. Thanks to the Schutte’s for arranging this. 

We still expect to complete the project on or before August 1 within the $750,000 that is budgeted .

Thanks to the congregation for your unwavering support of Renew, Rebuild, Rejoice.

Altar Guild Needs You!

Looking for a way to serve the church, but time is a concern?  Prayerfully consider the Altar Guild.  The commitment is one or two months/year and involves setting up or cleaning up the communion elements and special seasonal appointments on the altar.  We need both 8:30 & 11:00 service members.  Training will be provided and all supplies are easily accessible. Call/Text Mary Hritz @ 724-713-  2514 or the church office @843-884-5470 for more information.