All Are Welcome. All Are Loved. All Saints.


The first lesson of the Bible is that all people are made in the image of God (Genesis 1). That’s why at All Saints, when we say “All are welcome,” all means all. The church is a place where the children of God gather, made in the image of God, to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 3).




When disciples at All Saints are asked what brought them here, they often respond that they truly felt welcomed. Genuine hospitality and authentic community are the hallmarks of our congregation. No matter what your faith background is, what your past experiences are, or how long you’ve been away, you are welcome to come and worship. Our worship reflects who we are: rooted in the Lutheran tradition, embracing new and various expressions of faith.




We believe that the good news of Christ transforms lives. We share the gospel of Jesus by shining the light of Christ everywhere we go. Our message is “come and see” – see the liberating, all-encompassing, death-defying Grace of God in action!




Our mission is to share the love of Christ, whom we serve. We do that through accompanying community partners , serving those in need, giving from God’s abundance, and walking with our neighbors.





We believe that disciples grow disciples. Being together in Christian community as we plumb the depths of the Scriptures together increases our faith. Building Christ-centered relationships are a key component to individual and corporate faith.