We give thanks for our Music Ministry Associate, Jonathan Gragg, who will be graduating from the College of Charleston in May. Jonathan has invited the congregation to attend his Senior Recital at 7pm on Thursday, April 18th at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church. We will celebrate Jonathan’s ministry with us on Camp Sunday, May 5th at one 10AM service, followed by a farewell reception in the Parish Life Center.

In preparation for Jonathan’s departure, we are currently seeking a talented individual to join our music ministry team as a music ministry associate. This is an exciting opportunity to play a key role in enhancing our worship experience through music. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please contact Lisa Hone at or 843-670-9939. Thank you for helping us spread the word about this exciting opportunity!

LINK: Music Ministry Description

Dear Saints


“Know that the Lord does wonders for the faithful; the Lord will hear me when I call.” – Psalm 4:3

Dear Saints, Q: How many Lutherans does it take to change a light bulb? A: Change?! We don’t believe in change! When it comes to faith, sometimes we’re more comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done. If God is the same yesterday, today and forever, then why change? We all know that change happens, whether we like it or not. Technology evolves, in-person gatherings go virtual, societal values change, and time keeps marching on. After the pandemic, no one can deny the pace of change in today’s world.

Then why can it be hard for the church to accept change? Well, I believe it is because we care. We care so deeply about the mission of the church, about pleasing God, about the salvation offered in Jesus Christ, that we do not view change lightly. We want to be sure that the church we love continues to honor the God we love as well. There are likely many other reasons we fear change, but I like to think that the root cause is because we value the ministry entrusted to us, and we want to be good stewards.

The good news is this: There is no “right way” to honor God. The good news is that if we set our hearts on the gospel of Jesus crucified and risen, we will be true to the mission even in the midst of change. Another piece of good news is grace. Even when we “miss the mark” in our attempts to keep up with the changing times, we are loved and forgiven. And a third piece of good news is this: we do not do it alone.

As a congregation of an ancient faith in modern times, we must embrace change along the way. And thank God we have been given one another to walk with. Together, we listen out for the still, small whispers of he Spirit; together, we remind one another of the blessings of God; together, we cautiously yet boldly steer the mission of the church into the future, following the way of Christ. Our role as siblings in faith is to encourage one another, to prod one another on, and to comfort one another in the face of uncertainty and fear.

This season of Easter, may we look for the ways Christ is showing up in our midst, even despite change. May we see the ways God has gifted and blessed us to be a blessing to one another. And may we listen out for the winds of change that carry us forward into the future of this place we so love: the church.  

+ Pastor Ginger +


Eucharistic Ministry Expanding Volunteer Teams

Our Eucharistic Ministry Team assists with the pastoral care of the homebound and administers the Sacrament of Holy Communion one Sunday each month.  If you know of a member who may like to be included in our Eucharistic visits, please contact the Pastors (843-884-5470) or Pat Stribling (843-224-2038) to coordinate adding them to our visits

 We are also seeking to expand our volunteer teams. If you would like to share the Sacrament of Holy Communion with the homebound one Sunday each month, or simply visit with them and share conversation regularly in their homes, we encourage you to join this ministry.  To find out more, contact Pat Stribling.