Third Sunday in Lent Devotion

Third Sunday in Lent
Luke 13:1-9
Do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others?  (v. 4)
I once read an article about how often Americans worry about the wrong things:  They worry about the bird flu, for example, when they should be more worried about the ordinary flu.  Or they worry about flying when they should be more worried about driving.
  In our lives of faith, we often concern ourselves with the wrong things as well:  We wonder why God won’t do something about the terrorists in our world, when perhaps we should be concerned about a mean comment we made to a friend yesterday.  Or we question why God allows there to be hungry people in the world, when perhaps we should be thinking about how we might better support world hunger ministries.
  In today’s reading, Jesus invites us to “worry” about the right things–to focus on our own sin and our need to repent.  When we do this, we inevitably find ourselves at the foot of the cross, where our worries don’t matter as much as the mystery of God’s great love for sinners just like you and me.
Heavenly Father, focus my mind on your great love for sinners, through Christ our Lord.  Amen.
  Prayer concern:  Transportation workers

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