Second Sunday after Epiphany Devotion

AWEsome Wednesday
 Second Sunday after Epiphany       John 2:1-11
Jesus did this . . . in Cana of Galilee, and revealed his glory. (v. 11)
In John’s gospel, Jesus’ miracles are called signs.  A sign, however miraculous, is not the main point.  Signs point beyond themselves and alert us to something.  Sometimes, that something has life-changing potential.  “Warning! Bridge Out!” prompts us to seek a safer route.  “Wedding Here Today” tells us that we have arrived at the place of joyful celebration.
 The first miracle Jesus performs in John’s gospel is at a wedding in Cana.  This sign tells us something about God.  Turning water into the best wine is a revelation of abundant grace, an epiphany of the intimate relationship with God that Jesus offers.  And in the Lord’s loving presence, one can find what is needed to live a life of faith–gratitude for abundant blessings when all looks scarce, light that shines in the darkness, hope when all seems lost, and joy even in the midst of suffering.
  As you walk with Jesus today, may you experience grace upon grace, and may your time together be a life-giving, joyful celebration.
God of love, thank you for your abundant grace.  Help me to share grace with others, for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.
  Prayer concern:  Those preparing for marriage

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