Dear Saints


“Commit your way to the Lord; put your trust in the Lord, and see what God will do. – Psalm 37:5

Dear Saints, Storms happen. Hurricane season has arrived in full force, and we’re all hunkering down as the tropical weather bears down. With storms come anxiety and uncertainty, but we all know that they’re just a reality of where we live. We do our best to prepare, but we can’t avoid the inevitability of inclement weather. Hurricane season can certainly bring on the full force of nature’s destructive power, but perhaps it can also bring opportunity.

Hurricane season brings the opportunity to wonder. There’s nothing like a 200-mile wide storm to make you feel small. Seeing these phenomena, especially through the lens of modern radar technology, can help put things in perspective. Perhaps they may instill a new respect for God’s creation and awe for the power of the natural forces. Perhaps hurricane season is our annual reminder to respect the beauty and might of this planet we call home.

Hurricane season also brings the opportunity to trust. When faced with things outside of our control, we must learn to put our trust in God. We do our best to prepare, to utilize the resources God gives us to keep ourselves and others safe; however, once all preparations are in place, all we can do is trust. Through prayer, we give over our cares to God, trusting in him to protect, provide and guide. Through Christ, the peace of the Holy Spirit can be ours, even in the midst of the storm.

Finally, hurricane season brings the opportunity to help. The onset of a hurricane offers plenty of changes for friends and neighbors to  lend a helping hand. Whether it looks like providing shelter or essentials, cleanup in the aftermath, offering a listening ear, or making a donation, Christians are called to help. Just as the world expects storms, the world expects disciples of Jesus to follow in their wake. When others are in need, we’re called to show up, to share, to assist, and to pray.

You, along with all in the path of this storm, are in our prayers. May you and your loved ones be sheltered under the wings of God’s mercy. May this season teach us to wonder, trust and help. And even through the storm, may the name of the Lord be praised.

+ Pastor Ginger and Pastor Kris +

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