Dear Saints

“ May God give us blessing, and may all the ends of the earth stand in awe.” – Psalm 67:7

Dear Saints, during this tumultuous time, we may find ourselves asking, “Why?” Why are others experience terrible effects of illness, while I feel fine? Why are some people discriminated against, while I enjoy privilege? Why are some people struggling, while I am getting by OK. When it feels like the world is undergoing so many terrible plagues right now, it’s natural to wonder “Why?”

Oftentimes in church we discuss the nature of blessings. Why does it seem some people recieve more blessings than others? And why do some people call certain things ‘blessings,’ while others chalk it up to good fortune or luck? When we recieve good things, sometimes it’s hard to say for sure, even for those with mature faith, whether something is a blessing from God, a result of good choices, or simply dumb luck.

What I like about the verse from Psalm 67 is that it prays for God to give us a blessing so that others may see, to “the ends of the earth.” The way I read that verse, the purpose of others to see our blessings is not to inspire envy, or to show that we are favored by God, but to show the might and power of God. When we recieve a blessing from God, our job is then to point to it and declare the goodness of God, as a witness to his power.

So when we pray for our blessings, or when we thank God for the good things we are experiencing in life, let us remember that blessings are always a testiment to God’s goodness, not to our merit. For the blessings we know are from God, we shout praise to God. For the good things in life we’re not sure how we got, we humbly dedicate to God. In the midst of the trials we know are not from God, we bring, with our prayers and supplications, with trust before God from whom all blessings flow.

+ Pastor Kris and Pastor Ginger +

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