Dear Saints


All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord; and all the families of the nations shall worship before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord” – Psalm 22:27-28

Dear Saints, Do you remember what it was like before “all this”? Is it as difficult for you as it is for us to really remember what life was like before pandemic? It’s so hard to imagine life without masks, to think of touching or hugging other people, to remember a time before all the “protocol.” It’s difficult to remember, not because it was all that long ago, but because this experience has been so intense.

We have all been in an immersive life experience. We are immersed in protocol. We are surrounded by masked and cautious others. We are inundated with news reports and rapidly changing information. This is an immersion experience we did not “sign up for,” but we are in it nonetheless. Almost all aspects of life “before” are hidden to us. And so it’s hard to remember.

Psalm 22 says that in God’s time, “all the ends of the earth shall remember” the Lord. There will be a time, the Psalmist predicts, when God’s Word and God’s way will be remembered, although oftentimes forgotten. The promise is that the revelation of God through Christ will be so glorious, that no one will be able to banish from their minds the goodness and might of God.

As we go about our day-to-day, whether in a pandemic or not, do we remember the Lord? When we see the sun rising over the ocean or setting through the trees, do we remember the Lord? When we clothe ourselves, feed ourselves, or take advantage of all the resources we have been blessed with, do we remember the Lord? When we toil over a difficult decision or make plans for our future, do we remember the Lord? If we seek to follow God’s will and walk in his ways, then remembering the Lord can’t be something we forget to do. Instead, remembering must be a present, continuous process, active in every step of our journey.

We are all in an immersive Baptismal experience. We have been claimed and covered and surrounded by the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus from the day of our baptism. From the moment we rise to the moment our eyes close, we are in, with and under the Spirit. Let’s not forget to remember the gifts of God at all times, in all things. Despite stressful conditions, let’s not forget that through our baptism, God’s got us.  You may strain to remember life before lockdown; just don’t try too hard to remember life before God.

+ Pastor Kris and Pastor Ginger +

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